1. Separating mould from feed. 

"We were worried this machine wouldn’t dust any mould off the bales, however it did and the nice thing was it didn’t mix it up with the hay". 

2. Flick tough bales out from the driver seat.

"Previously if we got a tuff bale it would plug the processor and we'd have to get another tractor and loader to come and lift the bale out. Whereas with the Hustler you can lift the table to get rid of a bale at any time without leaving your seat".

3. Controlled loading saves time.

"With the controlled loading of the Hustler, the bale doesn't tumble into the chamber and land crooked, plugging up the machine".

4. Foreign objects aren't a problem.

"We often get stones or roots in the hay, previously this was very hard on the tines/flails of the processor, however it doesn’t hurt the Hustler".

5. Cleaner operation.

"The tractor stays a lot cleaner with the Hustler because there's virtually no dust. It's a lot easier on the gear". 

6. Stability on the hills.

"We operate on some steep hills and this machine with its low centre of gravity is a lot more stable. I'm now feeding places where I’ve flipped my processor before. 

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7. Quick and easy to service.

"Everything on the Hustler is very easy and accessible to service".

8. Easy net wrap removal. 

"We were surprised, it pulls that net wrap ok and is easier than the processor to remove the net from the drum". 

9. Smoother running in cold weather. 

"Fewer moving parts are a real advantage, especially with very low temperatures. Machines with a lot moving parts really whine and are hard to get started as all the bearings and gearboxes are very tight".

10. Grain remains on the stalk once fed. 

"If we were using the processor on this green feed bale it would be like a combine. Most of the grain is staying on the stalk with this machine".

11. Infinitely variable swath size.

"I think you guys are onto something the way you can spread it out over a longer distance in a thin swath". 

12. Straw bedding.

"We found we didn't need the straw spreader, just back into a pen and unroll a bale then put 20 cattle in there and the cows would spread it out themselves".

13. Frozen bales? No problem.

"I can’t believe how well it feeds out the frozen bales. They were baled wet and it was all stuck together and frozen and it feeds out real good".

14. Safer environment for cattle.

"If a knife comes off the processor it can kill a cow. Also it can throw a bit of straw into a cows eye and blind it. I like the gentle operation of the Hustler".

15. Low power requirement.

“We don’t need so much horsepower and we can run the tractor at 1200 – 1500 rpm".

Like to see the 3 key reasons?

Though there are many other benefits that leading ranchers appreciate, there are 3 key reasons for choosing the Hustler feeding system. 

3 REASONS WHY Ranchers are trading their bale processors for a Hustler