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In this guide you'll see Ranchers who've:

  • Reduced their consumption of livestock nutritional supplements by 80%! Their supply that was lasting a week with a traditional bale processor is now lasting a whole month with this new bale processor that retains the highly nutritional leaf
  • Cut their fuel consumption in half! They're now just idling along when processing bales, powered by tractors as small as 70 horse power when using the Hustler bale processor. 
  • Reduced their maintenance and downtime. By eliminating the need to replace high wearing flails, and belts that a traditional bale processor uses...  

And they're now able to feed any type of round or square bale including baled silage without blocking or jamming. 

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Cattle luv Hustler

Over 30,000 hours of research into comparing every system for feeding bales to cattle. Inside you'll find the complete comparison of how each system performs on the 23 issues they face.  

Each feeding system is compared on how they optimize the performance of your cattle when feeding bales:

  1. Investment cost
  2. Number of cattle that can be fed
  3. Feed Waste
  4. Feed Damage
  5. Hoof trampling
  6. Time to feed each bale
  7. Pasture damage
  8. Ease of access to feed for all animals
  9. Manure and nitrogen spreading 
  10. Ability to use part bales
  11. Diesel consumption per bale
  12. Minimum tractor size required 
  13. Approx maintenance cost in the first 3 years
  14. Can feed hay bales
  15. Can feed baleage bales 
  16. Can feed round bales 
  17. Can feed square bales 
  18. Mix with other ingredients 
  19. Open field feeding 
  20. Indoor feeding 
  21. Bunk, trough, feed-pad feeding 
  22. Straw bedding capable 
  23. Single tractor operation