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Whilst hay quality savings is the biggest benefit that Hustler's unique Bale Feeding system provides compared to the traditional bale processor, there are also many other benefits: 

  • Reduced diesel consumption
  • Reduction in maintenance and downtime
  • The integrity of the seed in the bale are maintained and germinate establishing new pasture
  • No dust to clog air filters on your tractor, stick to your grease points or get in the eyes of your cattle 
  • Mold is separated from the bale without mixing it in the windrow.
  • Bales are simply teased apart without chopping, grinding, or shredding, which makes them more palatable and your cattle and the nutritional goodness in each bale is not destroyed
  • Windrow size is infinitely variable allowing you to customize the size based on your herds needs. 
  • And much more... 

*Our hay saving guarantee is subject to a FREE hay feeding consultation, with one of Hustler's field consultants. To apply for the hay feeding consultation, simply enter your details in the form, and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

Or Contact a Hustler field consultant on (844)-249-2092 to arrange a demonstration

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