When it comes to Multi-Feeders, more farmers choose a Comby than any other brand. 

The quickest, simplest and most efficient equipment for feeding any type of supplementary feed to livestock.  And it's built to last.  Proven.



    • Versatility - Feeds Everything.
    • Unparalleled Visibility & Control.
    • Reliability of Fewer Moving Parts.
    • Easier-to-use both Loading & Feeding.
    • Scalable as Your Farm or Herd Grows.
    • It's a More Compact Machine than the Equivalent Size Conventional Feedout Wagon.

When it comes to Silage wagons, the largest of farming syndicates choose Hustler. 

Seriously tough silage wagons that provide more ground clearance and maneuverability than any other feed out wagon and larger feed rollers which eliminate downtime.



    • Massive ground clearance
    • Largest feed rollers for more reliability
    • Tough single piece body design
    • Clean tub design for easy unloading
    • Simple operation for share milkers