A chainless balefeeder offers unrivalled versatility for trough or feedlot feeding 

It minimises feed waste, allows easy access to feed, and its unique teasing action ensures that feed is palatable and easily chewed for maximum goodness.

The Hustler SL450X Chain Feeder is designed specifically for trough or bunk feeding and is currently the only chain feeder capable of doing the job, and has an adjustable side elevator to reach into the biggest troughs.

Hustler Balefeeders can be mounted to front loaders, 3 point linkage or trailed in these operations to suit your specific application. 


  • Faster bale feeding into bunks/troughs!  It ‘fluffs’ up the feed as you load up the bunk making feed more palatable for cattle.
  • Easily load troughs with the exact amount you want.
  • An optional side-chute is available for the Chainless models for extra side reach.
  • For further reaching requirements, the SL-450X feeder is just the machine with a large elevator that can be tilted through 90 degrees
  • Double sided feeders are great for use where only one door on the shed is available, so as to back right up to back wall and feed exactly how you want it to either side.


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What customers say:

“We have around two hundred head of dairy cows and replacements and we’re feeding youngstock indoors over four foot rails. The Hustler is worth its weight in saving on time and labour compared to manually feeding. It loads itself and is very efficient and very well made, a tough machine only needs greasing, with virtually nothing to go wrong.”

Roger Gardiner
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

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