Feeding bales directly into a TMR Mixer

Although some ranchers feed out with a balefeeder, then lay mixed ingredients over the top – a mixer wagon is still the best option for mixing feed with other ingredients. However, a Hustler feeder has a role to play in reducing the time it takes for a mixer wagon or TMR feeder to grind up an entire bale, by feeding directly into the machine.

Because the feed is teased apart, a lot less power is needed for mixing– which leads to savings in time, diesel consumed and maintenance costs.

By using the Chainless system to load the TMR, the exact amount of hay required can be precisely loaded into the machine. This eliminates complicated ration calculations as well as errors in working out the correct proportions of other nutrients based on bale weight.

Suitable for:

  • Hay, baleage or straw
  • Round or square bales
  • Telehandler, Skid Steer loader or tractor with front loader
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    Some feedlots unroll bales in bulk into their comodities bins/buildings to save additional time at mixing
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“The CHX5000 has performed well in our operation, as a bale unloader in our bunker silo where we load the hay directly into our feed trucks as well as unloading big bales directly into fence line bunks. It has replaced a large industrial tub grinder which was expensive to operate and maintain.”

Mark H. Mahnken, Missouri Legacy Beef, USA

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