Hustler Balefeeders simplify ring feeding making each bale go further and saves your precious time.

Because Hustler feeders can be mounted to front loaders or telescopic loaders, a whole new dimension of versatility is achieved. 

It minimises feed waste, and its unique teasing action ensures that feed is palatable and easily chewed for maximum goodness. 

Instead of putting out 6 bales into 6 ring feeders, you can unroll 1 bale into all 6 ring feeders in a fraction of the time. 

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Key Features:

  • Mount to a high lifting Telehandler, tractor with front end loader or a Skidsteer loader. 
  • Round or square bales of balage, silage, hay or straw are teased apart making it more palatable for livestock, resulting in less wastage.
  • Will cater for virtually any type or shape hay-ring.
  • Simple, low maintenance hydraulically driven design eliminates downtime, and is easy to use

What our customers say:

“We have around two hundred head of dairy cows and replacements and we’re feeding youngstock indoors over four foot rails. The Hustler is worth its weight in saving on time and labour compared to manually feeding. It loads itself and is very efficient and very well made, a tough machine only needs greasing, with virtually nothing to go wrong.”
Roger Gardiner
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

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