The balefeeder simply teases out any bale, round or square, of any type into a windrow, over a large area, allowing you to spread your cattle around the pasture. This proves many benefits…

Feeding the optimum amount is possible and a key to unlocking a new level of performance from your cattle. 

Being able to feed the exact amount your cattle need, saving the rest for the next herd, or the next feeding substantially reduces waste.

For example; Let's say David's 5' x 6' bales weigh 1560lbs and he has a herd of 50 cows, each cow needs 24lbs of dry hay per day, so he needs to feed 1200lbs of hay to this herd per day.

David's Hustler feeder allows him to feed the exact amount the cattle need (70% of the bale) and save the rest for the next feeding or the next herd. In just 4 days he's saved 1 whole bale.

His cattle need feeding for 150 days throughout the winter, he has just saved 45 bales.

Imagine the performance of you herd without a pecking order? 

By feeding into a fluffed-up windrow, and by spreading it as thick or thin as desired, all your cattle can feed at once eliminating the pecking order.

Hustler's feeder teases apart the hay without destroying the nutritional goodness which makes the feed more palatable for your cattle allowing each cow to consume all the nutrition value from the bale. 

Fresh hay is free from contaminants such as mud or mold caused by the bale being left to weather. This results in happier, healthier cattle. 

Bale feeding made easy, that's quick, super simple and easy to use:

    • Unroll a bale in less than 2 minutes, all from the comfort of your tractor seat
    • Even feed distribution reduces selective eating, reducing feed waste – saving you money and time
    • Feed the optimum amount of feed each day so feed is fresher and more palatable to livestock
    • Process any type of bale - round or square, balage, haylage, hay or straw without clogging. 
    • Easy to operate single tractor operation, self-loading, low maintenance hydraulically powered design - no high maintenance flails, or PTO drive.  



"In certain times of the year we'll use hay rings, we'll use hay trailers with heavy use areas, so we feed with rings, we feed with hay trailers along with the balefeeder, but a 1000 times over, a 1000 times over, this balefeeder is a far way better in my opinion than a hay ring or a hay trailer. There's places for those things, but if you have an opportunity to use the balefeeder then it's a no brainer"
Eric Elsner, University of Georgia

We understand that every ranch is different, because we've been privileged to experienced such variety over the last 55 years so talk to one of our passionate field consultants about your ranch today. 

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