Indoor Feeding

Hustler's Chainless balefeeders are ideally suited to feeding indoors, it creates virtually no dust and its silent operation means animals are spooked less.

Chain feeders with their ability to feed out both sides makes it the perfect choice for double sided, dead-end sheds.

Make your indoor bale feeding:

  • Quick - unroll a bale in 2 minutes
  • Easy - unroll bales with the pull of a lever - no back-breaking pitch forking, or grappling with a loader
  • Efficient - By feeding the optimal amount each day, be it round, square, hay, silage, or straw the feed is more palatable, livestock get equal opportunity to feed and waste is eliminated. 
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Key Features:

  • Simply feed a windrow close to the head bails and all animals get the same amount of feed.  
  • Mount to a Tractor 3 point hitch, Telehandler or a Skidsteer loader. 
  • Round or Square bales of balage, silage, hay or straw are teased apart making it more palatable for livestock, resulting in less wastage.
  • Simple, low maintenance hydraulically driven design eliminates downtime, and is easy to use
  • It is a compact, simple hydraulic drive feeder!
  • Coupled with the Hurricane, you can layer the floor with bedding straw for the stock at anytime. A truly dual purpose machine!

What customers say:

“We’ve seen all kind of feeders that weren’t suitable for us, this one does the whole windrow the cows eat and that’s it. No more muscle pain and it saves us 1 hour every day.”
Martine Ohrel, Habsheim, France

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