Outdoor Feeding

Traditionally balefeeders are used in pasture-based outdoor feeding operations, allowing livestock to roam free in the pasture and the supplementary feed can be spread to different parts of the pasture with each feeding.

The speed, low maintenance, and ability to handle any type of bale make Hustler's Chainless balefeeder the star all-rounder of feeders.

The ultimate feeding system for outdoor feeding. The Chainless feeder range can:

  • Spread out the feed so all animals can eat without any restriction.
  • Spread out the valuable manure all over the paddock for grass enhancement
  • No damage to the pasture as there is no concentrated areas of cattle anywhere
  • No damage to the pasture as the machine is relatively lightweight.
  • Due to the narrow width windrow of around 500mm (18”) of the feed pattern, very little feed is wasted.
  • Cattle will eat 90% of the bale, they won’t stand or lie down on it like a warm bed as if it was rolled out as a mat.

Other types of feeders have their drawbacks:

  • Hay unrollers – Hay is layed in a mat and trampled on, reducing palatability and wasting a substantial portion of the bale.
  • Bale processors - Thrash the feed, destroying the valuable nutrients in the bale, and are costly to operate and maintain. 
  • Bale splitter – Complicated operation and time consuming.
  • Chain feeders – Feed is less teased apart, so it's less palatable.
  • TMR/ feed mixer – Sheer weight increases the risk of pasture damage, soil compaction, and getting stuck and is time consuming and expensive to operate.

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What customers say:

“I have to say the new Chainless X5000 bale cart is fantastic and a great improvement on the 4000, we have noticed a big difference in the amount of hay we are feeding out and reduced wastage.”

Ella Anderson University of Tasmania, Australia.