There are many time, storage and cost saving benefits of producing large round bales in the paddock and then converting them to small squares on demand. which are more salable and higher value. However the conversion process was troublesome and often the additional labor consumption and capital outlay offset the benefits of Re-baling.

The Chainless XR1500 efficiently teases apart your large bales in less than 4 minutes, simplifying the task, reducing labor requirement, and the unique teasing action and hydraulic drive system can feed directly into an existing small square baler, utilizing existing capital outlay!

The Chainless XR1500 can also be used for breaking bales down before loading into a TMR, providing huge savings in time and diesel.

What our customers have to say: 

“The Hustler bale feeder is reliable and easy to operate. It handles rounds and squares, runs 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, year round. It feeds evenly, which allows the silage cutter to cut properly without stalling. Maintenance is virtually nil because there are no chains and the bearings are all sealed.”

Paul Reynolds, Hawke’s Bay

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